As part of our evolution and international expansion, we've decided to change the name of our start-up. Despite the catchiness of the French exclamation "Miam!", we opted for something more "yummy", with Mealz.

Reinvent your customers' shopping
and make their daily lives easier

Engage your shoppers in a new web and mobile shopping experience
with inspiring, gourmet personalized recipes that can be ordered in 1 click

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Mealz meets the challenges...



Eat a varied and balanced diet without spending too much

Daily life

Find quick and easy meal ideas

Shopping journey

Spend less time shopping



Know your customers and engage them in the long term

Brand image

Offer an innovative shopping experience


Increase your conversion rate and the average shopping cart purchase

Immerse your customers in a new online
food shopping experience

Our solution integrates with your websites and applications, analyzes the food preferences of your customers and suggests meal ideas that can be ordered with a single click

Contextualized experience

Your customers do their shopping via our meal ideas designed for everyday cooking

Immersive experience

Components in your brand's colors and recipes that integrate the products in your inventory at the right price


AI suggests recipes and products adapted to your customers' preferences and their recent purchases

You integrate and orchestrate this new experience
with speed and ease

Opt for a comprehensive technical, software, content and service offering.
You benefit from rapid integration, continuous animation of your
site and optimized performance of the experience. Mealz


Personalized recommendations

The Mealz algorithm works without any initial settings and gradually improves itself.
Automatic ingredient / product mapping
Contextualized recipes according to the section visited
Personalized products according to the shopper's history
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Illustration of a recommendation

Plug & Play components

Widgets nestled in the heart of the shopping journey to create a visual and flexible user experience
Developed components ready to be integrated
Various formats, rich and interactive content
Easy customization of labels, meal cards, etc.
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Illustration of plug and play component

Ergonomic and collaborative interface

Our back office centralizes the data for the meal ideas, so you can easily manage and publish them
Import or create recipe cards
Manage content until it is published
Performance monitoring dashboard
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Illustration of ergonomic interface

Customized support

The Mealz teams are with you every step of the way
Technical support during integration
UX/UI support
Recipe creation and catalog promotion
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Average gain on baskets containing at least one recipe Mealz compared with the chain's average benchmark basket

The brands that rely on us


Our customers share their experience with you

Mealz enables us to forge close links with our customers. We offer them a personalized cross-channel shopping experience and meal inspiration for everyday life. Mealz enables us to be even closer to our customers.

The flexibility of the Mealz solution enabled us to roll out a new shopping experience in just a few weeks, without having to compromise on the visual appearance, in keeping with Chronodrive's identity.

Mealz listened to our specific needs, and together we built a solution that responds to new online shopping habits. Mealz content warms up the shelves with inspiring, quick-to-cook meal ideas that our customers add to their shopping baskets in just 1 click.

Are you ready to dive into a new shopping experience?

Discover how to quickly and easily create an immersive online shopping journey, from recipe to shopping cart

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